PicXAA and PicXAA-R are probabilistic non-progressive alignment algorithm that finds multiple sequence alignments with maximum expected accuracy. PicXAA aligns protein and DNA sequences, while PicXAA-R yields structural alignment of NonCoding RNAs. Both of these algorithms greedily build up the multiple alignment from sequence regions with high local similarities, thereby yielding an accurate global alignment that effectively grasps the local similarities among sequences.

Step 1: The calculation algorithm

Step 2: Input

Enter FASTA format sequence (Example1: protein, Example2: Nucleotide )
OR Upload FASTA format text file:

Email address for result notification (optional; recommended for large data):

Step 3: Parameter Setting

Strategy for pairwise posterior probability computation mode in PicXAA:
Weight parameter for intra-sequence consistency transformation (α)= (0-1)
Weight parameter for Four-Way consistency transformation (β)= (0-1)
Threshold for identifying the most probable base-pairing probabilities (Tb)= (0-1)

Output Format:

Please cite the related publications if you use PicXAA or PicXAA-R.